Cannabis + Yoga Retreat in Las Vegas

2-Day Las Vegas Yoga and Meditation with Cannabis Retreat



2 days, 1 night

from $444


Retreat Dates Available

  • October 2019 - December 2019

1 Person
Private room and private bathroom (one queen bed)
from $444 USD

2 Persons
Private room and private bathroom (one queen bed)
from $777 USD


If you don’t need overnight lodging during this retreat, we also have other packages available without lodging accommodations for this Vegas retreat. Message for more info and availability.


2 Day Cannabis with Yoga Retreat in Las Vegas, NV

Two day, one night yoga and meditation retreat with Cannabis and a mind-body detox centered around grounding, awareness and compassion. Whether you agree or agree to disagree that Marijuana does help to provide a shortcut for heightening the senses and enhancing focus, this Bob Marley style yoga retreat offers a Sin City holiday vacation providing self-love and detox technique through mindful yoga, meditation and a little bit of help from the Sacred flowering plant called by Sensimilla.

Please note that Cannabis in the state of Nevada is legal and available to purchase for both medicinal and also recreational purposes at local collective and dispensary store fronts. We’ll visit an herb collective for a group retreat tour and CBD + THC product shopping spree, experiencing first hand the future of and appreciation for the gateway plant Cannabis and all of the health benefits it has in store for us (wo)mankind. 💚


Retreat Highlights

  • Guided yoga and meditation daily

  • Tour of local Las Vegas Cannabis Collective

  • Cannabis shopping, sampling and analysis

  • Self health and wellness discussions

  • Healing, hydrating and detoxifying foods, juices, teas and waters

  • 1 Day access pass to local Las Vegas health spa

  • Vegas style retreat excursion activities

  • 1 Night of accommodation with private bedroom and bathroom

  • Yoga asana mechanics *with posture modifications as need be for any existing injury or limitations

YOga Experience Levels

  • Beginner

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced


  • Hatha

  • Vinyasa / Flow

  • Tantra

Retreat Intent

  • Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Self-Health

  • Compassion

  • Detachment

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Retreat schedule and practice program

The schedule and program for this 420 friendly yoga retreat includes yoga with meditation daily accompanied by a mix of various Las Vegas Cannabis strain specific supplements with Cannabinoids like Cannabidiol (CBD) for healing as well as THC for sensory enhancement and mind body awareness. The Hatha yoga that we will share in will be a fusion of some traditional Bikram 26+2 series yoga asanas and other Vinyasa, Flow and Tantra style yoga postures. Throughout the retreat we will be feeding ourselves with wholesome, yogic diet foods, juices, teas and waters.


Schedule by Day

Day 1
4:20PM Arrival and Checkin
5:00PM Cannabis Collective Tour
6:00PM Herbs with Juice
6:30PM Yoga and Meditation
7:30PM Fresh Fruits
8:00PM Foods and Herbs Dinner
9:00PM Retreat Excursion

Day 2
8:00AM Juice Served
8:30AM Yoga and Meditation
9:30AM Fresh Fruits Breakfast
10:00AM Health Spa Visit
12:00PM Lunch Session
1:30PM Retreat Closing Ceremonies

*All times local Las Vegas (Pacific, PT) time


Retreat herbs and foods

In addition to the fine Cannabis herb bounty that we’ll have for this retreat, we will also adequately nosh and nourish our selves content with raw, raw vegan plant-powered foods, juices, herbal teas and purified waters. Come hungry and keep copacetic with the menu of healing herbs and foods on tap.

The Following Meals Are Included

  • Breakfast

  • Lunch

  • Dinner

  • Snacks

  • Munchies


  • Whole food

  • Plant-based

  • Vegan

  • Detox

  • Ayurvedic

  • Yogic

  • Herbal


Las Vegas retreat health spa

For this Las Vegas yoga, detox and meditation with Cannabis retreat, we will visit a local health and wellness spa with heated mineral rooms including Jade, salt brick, red clay with herbal steam saunas, dry saunas and hot and cold water whirlpools.

A one-day all access pass to the health spa for this retreat is included and provided and you also have the option to schedule additional spa services like massages and body scrubs if you would like.


  • Detoxification

  • Increased metabolism, energy and focus

  • Improved sleep duration and quality

  • Enhanced blood circulation

  • Acne and anti-aging care

  • Alleviation of pain and body aches

  • Soothes and calms anxiety symptoms


Retreat accommodations

The retreat lodging accommodation options include private bedroom (with Queen bed) and private bathroom available at the Las Vegas retreat space and also other nearby units with private and shared spaces. If you do not need to have lodging provided for this retreat, we also gladly welcome guests to just come and attend during the scheduled retreat hours and activities and stay elsewhere overnight. Send in a message to discuss your accommodation preferences, availability and pricing for this holiday in Vegas with yoga and Mary Jane.

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Retreat location

This yoga retreat and group activities in Las Vegas are located approximately 12-15 minutes driving distance from the Strip at Las Vegas Boulevard and the Las Vegas McCarran airport.


How to get to the retreat in Las Vegas

Find cheap flights to Las Vegas McCarran International Airport (LAS) from various online flight partners

Search GoogleMaps for driving directions to Las Vegas, NV


Retreat details and inclusions

What's included in this retreat

  • Yoga and meditation sessions daily

  • Guided juice fasting detox activities

  • 1 night of accommodation option

  • Access and visit to Vegas health spa

  • All retreat breakfasts, lunches, dinners, juices, teas and purified waters

  • Yoga and wellness discussions

  • Free retreat gift

What's not included

Airfare is not included (but here are some cheap flights) and, transportation to the retreat space on the first day and from the retreat space on the last day is not included but Lyft is available as are other taxi services in the area.

Cancellation Policy

A payment of the total retreat cost is required for each retreat reservation.
-Payments for retreat reservations are non-refundable if the booking is canceled
-Credits may be available for future retreats if canceled, depending on circumstances

Things to do (optional)

During your free time, you are encouraged to journal and reflect on your experience for the retreat but, you are welcome to and more than free to utilize your free time to your own liking.


Results to expect from this retreat

Expand your knowledge of Cannabis and some of the healing gifts that this Sacred plant possesses while experimenting with strain tasting and their effects on yoga and meditation during this this two day Las Vegas yoga with Cannabis retreat.

With This Retreat you Will Help To 

  • Learn about and discover new Cannabis strains

  • Detoxify your body and mind

  • Improve digestion

  • Increase focus and awareness

  • Alleviate body aches and pains

  • Enhance your sleep quality and duration

  • Discover insights about your body

  • Learn about human nutrition and foods

  • Practice self care and compassion

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Sweet Sensimilla of Las Vegas 🌿


High Grade Las Vegas Cannabis with Yoga, Meditation and Detox Retreat

Bless it up with us in Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada for a pure fire blazing two day, one night retreat of yoga, meditation and detox with fine quality, locally sourced Cannabis and delicious and highly nutritious foods, detox juices, herbal teas, lemon waters and a front-door-guest all access Vegas style visit to a health spa with saunas, heated mineral rooms and space for yoga, meditation and relaxation. Reserve your spot now.

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