Diaita Yoga
Diaita Yoga
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Desert Hot Springs

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Diaita, a Greek word meaning a way of living or, a way of life from which the English word, Diet, originated. Diaita (diet) is about more than just food and drink, it is about all of the daily habits like eating, drinking, work, family, friends, yoga, meditation, sleep and play that make up the days of our lives.

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More than just the physical (Hatha yoga) practice with mats and studios and stretching and breathing, yoga is the science of the mind. Studying the mind, its corresponding thoughts, feelings, emotions, wants, needs, desires and even joys, and, how to control and master the mind, is the true practice of yoga. Learn more about yoga and how you can establish a daily practice to enhance your health and well-being.

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Surya Namaskara, Sun Salutation Pose

Whether you're rising in the morning with your yoga, taking an afternoon break or practicing in the evening, you can SHINE with Sun Salutation Pose any time you have just a few moments and a little space for yoga.  Learn more about Surya Namskar (Sun Salutation) and how you can utilize this powerful, ancient yoga asana sequence in your daily life.


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