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When you list with us, you’ll receive an unlimited amount of leads and booking requests. Plain and simple, we send free traffic from your listings directly to your website so that you can connect and communicate one on one with everyone that’s interested in booking with you.

Commission free

When you list us, you don’t pay any commissions on any leads (nor do you have to message with your leads via some third-party messaging system that doesn’t allow you to share contact info with your own students). We connect you commission free and hassle free.

Marketing tools

When you list us, you’ll get unlimited features with inlinks to your website while you promote and share your yoga retreat and teacher training experiences with the world. Online yoga student, trainee and teacher training and retreat school matchmaking. #swiperight


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Get your yoga offering listed online with unlimited listings, featured banner ads and highlighted listings on yoga teacher training and yoga retreat listings pages.


Goodbye 14% commission fees, hello new inquiries and booking requests

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Placement Plans

Annual and monthly Placement plans for yoga teacher training and retreats

Yoga event sales and marketing for teacher training and retreats

Get inquiries and booking requests for yoga teacher training and yoga retreats with placement plan listings connecting you directly with students and trainees searching for yoga teacher training and retreats online.


With placements, we’re trying to help yoga students, trainees and even yogi first-time yoga beginner’s to easily find and connect (and communicate) directly with recognized and adored yoga schools, instructors, retreat directors and yoga event providers that have upcoming yoga training and retreat holidays with current availability for booking.

When students and trainees search online, they can find and contact you directly through your own listings and website. Communicate with your yoga students and trainees from the point of contact and onward in the most convenient way possible for the both of you, whether over the phone, through email, FB, WhatsApp and all.

They are your students and you should be able to reach them directly as they should you, too. We don’t believe in blocking or limiting communication flow with 3rd party booking platforms. Nor do we know your yoga as well as you do, which is why we direct all traffic for inquiries and booking requests straight to you for a direct connection.

Placements also come with free account management and support included to further assist fellow yoga providers and allow them to focus on their yoga (and meditation) and acquiring new bookings. Leave all the technical online marketing and listing plus content-creation-and-optimization stuff to us tech influenced yogis who are here for you.

We provide ongoing listings creation and optimization with your yoga school, teacher training and retreats content information published and marketed regularly throughout a network community of yoga sites (and yoga email lists), connecting students and trainees directly with you and your teacher training and retreats available online.

It is our honor and privilege to support yoga schools, instructors, directors, studios and all yoga providers online and, we make it our business to hand-hold for as much of everything as possible for you, to help you to focus on your yoga offering and fielding your inquiries and booking requests. #yogamarketing


One, two, three

  1. One price for placements with no commission fees or setup fees or any other fees for that matter

  2. One placement plan with no cancellation fee or set up fee on any placement plans

  3. One solution and one connection away to new yoga students and trainees

Placement plans

Yoga marketing placement plans and services


About our placement plans

We’re trying to make it as affordable as possible for yoga schools to market and fill their yoga teacher training and retreats while making it as easy as possible for students and trainees to find and book yoga teacher training and retreats.

Instead of charging you commissions fees (and bothering you regularly about whether a student has booked with you yet), we provide Annual and Monthly plan based marketing and lead generation services for yoga schools.

Both plans are more than affordable and appropriate for yoga school marketing and budget approval and come 100% without any commissions fees on your students bookings or blocking of contact info sharing.


View yoga marketing placement plans

See all yoga marketing service and support plans for new student and trainee inquiries and booking requests 🌟


Most popular

Annual placement plans



Annual - Namaste Unlimited Yoga Marketing and Lead Zen

  • Unlimited listings with featured placements once per month guaranteed for 12 months

  • 1 Banner ad per month for 5 months

  • Dedicated yoga school page

  • Love, Light and Access to inquiries and booking requests with surprise placements 💖



Annual - Intensive Unlimited Yoga Marketing and Lead Zen

  • Unlimited listings with featured placements four times per month guaranteed for 12 months

  • 2 Banner ads per month for 12 months

  • Dedicated yoga school page

  • Love, Light and Plenty of Access to inquiries and booking requests


Annual - Advanced Level Unlimited Yoga Marketing and Lead Zen

  • Unlimited listings with featured placements nine times per month guaranteed for 12 months

  • 4 Banner ads per month for 12 months

  • Dedicated yoga school page

  • Love, Light and Lots of Access to inquiries and booking requests


Budget friendly

Monthly placement plans


Monthly - Beginner Unlimited Yoga Marketing and Lead Zen

  • Unlimited listings with featured placements once per month

  • 1 Banner ad per month

  • Love, Light and Access to daily inquiries and booking requests


Monthly - Intensive Unlimited Yoga Marketing and Lead Zen

  • Unlimited listings with featured placements four times per month

  • 2 Banner ads per month

  • Love, Light and Plenty of Access to daily inquiries and booking requests


Monthly - Advanced Level Unlimited Yoga Marketing and Lead Zen

  • Unlimited listings with featured placements nine times per month

  • 4 Banner ads per month

  • Love, Light and Lots of Access to daily inquiries and booking requests


Your plan on your own terms

Your placement plan

Both our monthly and annual placement plans are contract free, on month to month (or annual) terms and can also be upgraded, modified, paused and canceled at anytime without any cancellation fees or charges.



Right now: We are actually offering a pretty intensive special on our Annual plans with Buy 1 Annual Plan and Get 1 Extra Year of Annual Plan Marketing FREE. That’s 2 years of new student and trainee marketing and acquisition for the price of 1 year on any Annual plan.

We recommend the $1111 USD Annual plan not because it's the most expensive plan on the menu or because it's such an Angelic sequence of 1111 numbers but because it is the most robust and affordable (and rapid) yoga marketing plan that we provide for yoga schools with access to instant traffic and long term SEO marketing and branding strategy included.

And again, Buy 1 Year and Get 1 Year Free special right now for 2 years of listing creations, marketing and new booking for the price of 1.

Just let us know if you have any questions or need any more information about our yoga marketing with listing placements.


Questions, requests, ready?


Long Term Marketing with SEO and Lead Gen


Your yoga found by more


Website design for yogis

Yoga website design, development and marketing at your service #yogamarketing


Yoga Websites

Website design and development for yoga studios, teachers and retreat directors


Affordable website design and development

If there’s one thing that we continue to see over and over again, it’s over-priced rates for website design and development services. And, for most local business owners, the typical cost of having a website designed is often out of their budget but, that doesn’t mean that a website is not a crucial part of their marketing and branding efforts. We understand that the current market rates for getting a website designed make it especially difficult for yoga studios and teachers and we are here to help you get your website designed and developed without having to overspend or exhaust any of your budget.


So happy to have been referred to Diaita Yoga for my yoga teaching website, they saved me over $500 compared to what another other designer was quoting and they had my website live in 3 days! My dearest thanks and gratitude.

-Bridget, California


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Supporting the yoga community one website at a time 💖

The main reason we started providing yoga website design services is because we know that website design can be a daunting task, especially for yogis, making it difficult for them to design their own website much less afford to pay the exorbitant costs that most designers are trying to charge these days.

We understand the importance of having and maintaining an online presence with the help of a website and it is our mission to make websites available to the yoga community for less than market rates and without any hassle or waste of time.

If you are a yoga studio owner, yoga teacher and/or retreat director that has previously tried to get a website but were not able to because of technical difficulties, costs and/or time constraints, we are here to help you. Send us a message to discuss cost and timing for us to get your website designed for you.


Our commitment to you and your new website

We are here to make it as easy as humanly possible for you to get your website designed. From content creation (text, image and video included) to template style, layout, coloring and design inspiration, we can and will handle all of the heavy lifting for you so that you can continue to tend to your yogic duties while we do all of the busy work to get your website designed, launched live and managed for you.

No yoga website job is too big or too small for us. Let us know how we can help.


Some common features that we support for yoga websites

  • mind body online

  • eventbrite

  • eCommerce (for online purchasing)

  • paypal

  • stripe

  • healcode

  • google calendar

  • google maps

  • meetup

  • social media profile links

  • class schedule

  • new student specials

  • FAQ sections

  • studio amenities

  • studio location

  • class descriptions

  • SEO (search engine optimization)

Get your website started


Are you ready to get a website designed for your yoga business?

Let us help to get you the best yoga website for your business


Marketing tips

Get yoga marketing tips for driving more inquiries and booking requests