Yoga Retreat in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Yoga, Detox and Weight Loss Retreat



4 days, 3 nights

from $599


Retreat Dates

  • September 2019 - December 2019

1 Person
Private room and bathroom (one queen bed)
$599 USD

2 Persons
Private room and bathroom (one queen bed)
$999 USD

*We also have retreat packages available without overnight lodging so if you do not need overnight lodging, send us a message to discuss details.


4 Day Yoga and Weight Loss Retreat in Las Vegas

Explore the finer side of Fabulous Las Vegas for four days and three nights, traveling Zen City like a star with insider access to the some of the tastiest spots in town, an exclusive love date for yourself at one of the hottest health spas off the strip with daily yoga, meditation, group activities and lectures accompanied by #Instagram worthy views of the bright city life. Delicious and nutritious foods, juices, teas and purified water included during the retreat. And oh joy, lest not forget, you are going to cleanse and purify your colon, too! Last but not least, you will certainly lose weight and feel results during this retreat in Las Vegas but more importantly you'll be guided and provided with the tools and support necessary for you to manage your weight long after your first retreat with us.


Retreat Highlights

  • Yoga and meditation daily

  • Uplifting, inspiring and educational lectures

  • Healing, detoxing and rejuvenating date at the spa

  • Nature walks and group activities

  • Delicious and nutritious foods, juices, teas & water daily

  • 3 Nights of accommodation

Experience Levels

  • Beginner

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced


  • Hatha

  • Tantra

Retreat Intent

  • Weight Loss

  • Detox

  • Empowerment

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Retreat schedule and practice program

During this retreat your body and mind will be fed and nourished with healing foods, yoga practices and wellness insights designed to help you to lose weight naturally.  With this retreat, the intent is for you to gain a better understanding of human dietary nutrition (and conscious lifestyle choices) so that you can live up to your true potential in your tip-top shape.


Schedule by Day

Day 1
3:00PM  Arrive / Check-In
4:00PM  Juice & Tea
5:00PM Yoga & Meditation
6:30PM Fruits Break
7:30PM Dinner & Discussion
8:30PM  Group Activity
10:30PM  Sweet Dreams :-*Bedtime foods included

Day 2
8:00AM  Yoga & Meditation
9:00AM  Breakfast & Discussion
11:00AM  Rest & Relax
12:00PM  Lunch & Discussion
2:00PM  Rest & Relax
3:00PM  Yoga & Meditation
4:00PM  Fruits Break
5:30PM  Dinner & Discussion
7:30PM  Spa Detox Date
10:30PM  Sweet Dreams :-*Bedtime foods included

Day 3
8:00AM   Yoga & Meditation
9:00AM   Breakfast & Discussion
11:00AM  Rest & Relax
12:00PM  Lunch & Discussion
1:00PM   Group Fasting Practice
2:00PM  Art Walk & Discovery
5:00PM  Rest & Relax
6:00PM  Yoga & Meditation
7:00PM  Group Movie Date
10:30PM Sweet Dreams

Day 4
8:00AM   Yoga & Meditation
9:00AM   Colon Cleansing Activity
11:00AM   Juice & Closing Ceremonies


Included Retreat explorations

  • Spa detox date

  • Art walk

  • Sunrise outings

  • Sunset outings

  • Restaurant discoveries

*All times local Las Vegas (PT) time



Retreat foods

All foods, juices, teas and purified water provided during this weight loss retreat will be whole food, plant-based with delectable fruits, wild foods, vegetables, spices and herbs.

The Following Meals Are Included

  • Breakfast

  • Lunch

  • Dinner

  • Snacks


  • Whole food

  • Plant-based

  • Vegan

  • Detox

  • Ayurvedic

  • Yogic


Retreat accommodations

All Las Vegas yoga detox and weight loss retreat guests this year will be staying at the Yoga Den retreat apartment in a quiet neighborhood located about 12 minutes drive from the strip at Las Vegas Blvd with space for comfort and occasional chimes and chirps from local bird life included.  There is a private bedroom with a queen bed that can accommodate up to two persons along with a private bathroom for the retreat. If you do not need lodging accommodations for the retreat, we also have retreat packages available without lodging for you.

Learn More About Retreat accommodations

Do you have questions about the accommodations for this weight loss retreat in Las Vegas?  Send a message to learn more about this retreat and the lodging accommodations.

Yoga Den Retreat Space - Las Vegas, Nevada USA


Retreat location

This weight loss retreat takes place in Las Vegas, NV. Perhaps known by most for its casinos, bars and night clubs, we invite you to come explore the finer side of Las Vegas while you lose weight, detox and rejuvenate yourself with us in Zen City.


How to get to the retreat in Las Vegas

Find cheap flights to Las Vegas McCarran International Airport (LAS) from various online flight partners

Search GoogleMaps for driving directions to Las Vegas, Nevada


Retreat spa date

This Las Vegas weight loss and detox retreat comes included with a day pass to one of the best found health spas in town for you to bask in Jade, salt brick, herbal steam and red clay sauna rooms and dip yourself in HOT and COLD whirlpools.

Health Spa Benefits

  • Detoxification of the body

  • Increased metabolism, energy and focus

  • Improved sleep duration and quality

  • Enhanced blood circulation

  • Ant-aging and acne care

  • Pain and body ache alleviation

  • Soothes and calms anxiety symptoms


Retreat instructor


Scott Schroeder

A certified yoga instructor with a passion for world health and wellness, Scott shares his experience with weight loss, yoga and meditation, intent on helping others to live conscious lives full of love and compassion and free of illness and disease.

Depending on retreat dates, additional guest teachers may appear as well. Updates will be provided as dates and details are confirmed.

Ask the Instructor

Have questions about this retreat that you would like to discuss with the retreat instructor?  Send a direct message to Scott to learn more about this yoga and weight loss retreat.


Retreat details and inclusions

What's included in this retreat

  • 3 nights accommodation at yoga den retreat space

  • 6 yoga and meditation sessions

  • All retreat breakfasts, lunches, dinners, juices, teas and purified waters

  • 1-day pass to health detox spa

  • Uplifting and insightful group lectures

  • 4-day guided tour of Las Vegas (with transportation included)

  • Group activities

  • Free retreat gift

What's not included

Airfare is not included (but here are some cheap flights) and, transportation to the retreat space on the first day and from the retreat space on the last day is not included but Lyft is available as are other taxi services in the area.

Cancellation Policy

50% deposit required for each retreat reservation
-Deposits for retreat reservations are non-refundable if the booking is canceled
-The remaining retreat payment should be paid at least 7 days prior to arrival date

Things to do (optional)

During your free time, we encourage you to journal and reflect on your experience during the retreat but, you are welcome to and more than free to utilize your free time to your own liking.



I was blown away when I first saw like a whole new person half the size now!

-Jennifer in New York

Scott has helped me to re-examine my eating habits and take a different approach to my health and fitness

-Edward in Oregon

It’s been amazing to see Scott’s transformation and what he shares with the world.

-Mike in Dallas

Wasn't sure what to expect but was really impressed with results. The yoga was new for me but easy enough to try and learn plus all the delicious meals!!

-Kathy in Anaheim

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Results to expect from this retreat

With this four day, three night yoga and weight loss retreat in Las Vegas, you'll be guided, supported and nourished with the foods, activities and insights designed to help to you naturally lose weight and purify your body of toxins.

With This Retreat you Will 

  • Lose wieght

  • Detoxify and purify your body

  • Improve your digestion

  • Increase your energy and stamina

  • Alleviate body aches and pains

  • Enhance your sleep quality and duration

  • Clean and clear up your skin

  • Naturally cleanse and hydrate your colon

  • Discover insights about your body

  • Learn about human nutrition, foods & cooking

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Explore Las Vegas Art Scene



Las Vegas has a lot of art work to offer, painted on the streets across select neighborhoods. Come and capture memorable IG photos in Vegas while you explore the city, eating good, living well and toning up that tummy on this 4 day Zen City yoga, weight loss and Vegas exploration retreat. Retreat spaces are limited, reserve your space now.

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